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How To Greatly Improve Your Indoor Air Quality In Concord, CA

The EPA says that the air quality measurement outdoors throughout the United States averages to 58.4 on a scale to 100. Higher measurements are better. Concord, CA is 55, so the analysis in Concord means that there are plenty of pollutants that make their way into our homes. Add to this fact that the indoor air quality can be even poorer due to trapped air and harmful VOC vapors, and you see why Concord homes need an indoor air quality solution.

Air cleaners and duct cleaning service in Concord are becoming more and more important as we discover how polluted our indoor air really is. This indoor pollution can causes illnesses like:

  • Central nervous system damage
  • Cancer
  • Kidney and liver damage
  • Eye, nose, & throat irritation
  • Headaches
  • Loss of coordination
  • Legionnaires' Disease
  • Respiratory disease

Air Cleaners For Quality Indoor Air

All types of substances can live inside your house when the indoor air quality is poor. The ductwork and HVAC system can harbor mold and mildew or allergens as well as bacteria and viruses. Many people think the standard air filter that is located on the air intake vent of the HVAC system is all that's needed to clean the air, but this couldn't be further from the truth. 

This air filter only serves to keep larger particles from damaging the heating and air conditioning equipment. While it is important to change the filter every month, it will do little to nothing to purify the air throughout the house.

On the other hand, the whole home air cleaner does actually remove the contaminants that are harmful to you. It is installed directly into the HVAC system and is not the portable unit that has to be moved from room to room. A whole home air cleaner can handle the indoor air quality throughout the home automatically.

Duct Cleaning

Have you taken a look around your home's air vents where the cooled and heated air is blown into the rooms? Do you see a dingy looking area on the ceiling or spaces around the vent duct covers? Worse, is there actually a black looking soot that surrounds your air ducts? If so, it's past time to have your ducts cleaned out. This is the grime that you breathe in every day. 

Ducts need to be cleaned, especially if you have no indoor air filtration installed other than standard filters. Duct cleaning should always be done if you are installing an air cleaner or else years of buildup within the duct system will continue to circulate throughout the house over and over again. With an air cleaner installation and an initial duct cleaning service, you should need the service much less often.

Home Humidifiers

Because homes built in the recent decades are so much tighter than ever before, you are stuck with the humidity levels and air quality inside unless you have a humidification system and a good air cleaner installed.

Today's humidifiers control the level of humidity inside your home in Concord automatically. They are not the portable systems that only work in one room at a time. They keep the indoor air climate balanced with the right humidity automatically at all times and are attached to your existing HVAC equipment.

Whether you would like more information about installing one or have one that needs to be serviced or repaired, Smart Air Experts is your go-to team for all types of indoor air quality equipment.

Why Choose Our Indoor Air Quality Services?

Smart Air Experts knows that there are many problems that can exist in your indoor environment including the harmful buildup of gases, VOCs, mildewy carpeting, viruses, environmental pollutants, bacteria, cleaning chemicals, and more.

We have the expertise and the equipment needed to help you improve the indoor air quality of your Concord home. You can trust our decades of experience and affordable, honest services for all your indoor air quality needs.

If you would like to learn more about Indoor Air Quality Services in Concord, please call Smart Air Experts at 925-446-6228 or complete our online request form.

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