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Residential locals know, The Valley can feel like a furnace. Savvy homeowners also know that Smart Air Experts is the air conditioning company to rely on for the finest in quality service work. With three decades worth of hands-on, industry-related experience backing up our team of HVAC service experts, you can feel confident about the level of quality work you will receive from us.

Having recently added 6 new service vehicles to our fleet of trucks, we are ready, willing and able to get your heating and air conditioning service needs addressed. This enables us to better serve the Tri-Valley area. Our heating and air conditioning company in Concord, CA was started in order to offer Bay Area clients a smarter, faster and friendlier service provider option, for their home comfort and indoor air quality needs.

The approach we utilize is unique; we look at the whole house, the lifestyle of the client and their comfort needs. By taking each of these unique factors into consideration, this affords us the ability to create custom solutions to meet your individual requirements. Our goal is to establish a long-term, working relationship with each client, which enables us to better understand your specific needs and provide concierge style service.

The bottom line is that we are a dog-friendly, customer-driven and family-oriented company, focused on making a real difference in the lives of each of our clients. Now, we look forward to partnering with you and making sure that your air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality service requirements are met. We take great pride in the work that we do and that is reflected in the customer satisfaction rating we have earned.

Air Conditioning & Heating Services

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Air Conditioning

One thing that our Concord air conditioning company is known for is being the home of the free second opinion. Too many homeowners make the mistake of accepting AC repairs or replacements that they do not need, all because a contractor sold them on the idea. Your satisfaction is our top priority, which means making certain that you only get work that you need.

Not only that, your air conditioning and other service needs should only be the finest quality and at an affordable price. Do not be tricked into thinking that you have to choose between the two. Our pros here offer the best of both worlds, without the need for you to sacrifice anything.

It is all about getting prompt and professional results, in order to get the most from your cooling system. So, we don't just aim to meet your expectations, our goal is always to exceed them. While other so-called pros offer a quick short term fix, we provide long term solutions meant to improve your overall system.

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Heating Services

We offer a variety of essential services, including vital ones for your heating service needs. Of course, we also make it a point to try to encourage tune-up work. This single preventative maintenance program can completely change your system; how it runs, performs and the lifespan you can expect from it.

We are aware of the fact that you have numerous options when choosing a heating, cooling or indoor air quality service provider. The choice that you make will impact yourself, your family and your entire household. So, we want you to feel certain that you are making the right decision and promise to instill confidence by backing the work that we do.

We make it a point to guarantee your satisfaction so that you never have to feel like you are taking a gamble. This also helps you to feel sure that you are making the right choice because you know we care about the work we do and the customers that we care for. What are you waiting for? Give our team a call right now!

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Indoor Air Quality

In fact, it is because we care that we offer other vital services, such as indoor air quality work. This is a big factor in determining the overall health and well-being of yourself and your loved ones. While this may be especially important for anyone suffering from allergies, asthma or other related health ailments, anyone can see improvements. We will work with you to better determine which services may be more beneficial for you and your household. Our air cleaners help to remove airborne contaminants and purify the air that you and your family breathe. The humidifier option is about reintroducing moisture into the air, all year long, to avoid the spread of germs and alleviate snoring. We offer duct cleaning in order to rid the interior of your ductwork system of all those pollutants that have collected here, and that have been gathering since your home was first built. Plus, we can even offer you airflow design to enhance the way your heating and cooling circulates air, avoiding stagnation.

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Why Choose Us?

Simply put, Smart Air Experts is the only name that you need to know, in order to get all around service excellence. We offer superior workmanship, exceptional customer care and beyond reasonable pricing. Plus, you will genuinely appreciate that we make your job our number one priority, all the way through to completion.

Our installation and service technicians are the best that you will find when it comes to skill, attitude and final results. Every member of our team will treat you with the same level of respect that we would want, if not more so. Once finished, we guarantee your total and complete satisfaction.

You cannot earn the high rate of referral business and impeccable reputation that we have, without excelling at addressing the needs of the customers. Let us show you, in person, what a difference it makes to work with true industry experts.

If you are looking for Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs or Replacement then please call 925-446-6228 or complete our online request form.

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